At FX2 Funding, we prioritize the integrity of our trading community and the fair operation of financial markets. To uphold these principles, we strictly prohibit certain trading activities aimed at manipulating, abusing, or exploiting the trading system. Traders found engaging in prohibited activities will face account suspension or termination without refund.

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) involves the use of advanced computer algorithms and high-speed communication networks to execute a large number of trades within milliseconds. This practice seeks to profit from small price differentials and market inefficiencies.

Latency trading involves trading based on delayed market data or exploiting execution delays to secure guaranteed profits. At FX2 Funding, we condemn latency trading due to its unethical nature and its violation of fair trading principles.

One-sided betting entails consistently taking positions in a single direction without proper market analysis. This speculative approach disregards fundamental news, economic indicators, or technical signals, increasing the risk of substantial losses.

Arbitrage trading exploits price disparities or time discrepancies across different markets or platforms to generate risk-free profits. This practice is strictly prohibited at FX2 Funding to maintain fair market conditions.

While hedging within the same account is permitted, utilizing multiple accounts for hedging purposes is prohibited as it does not constitute a valid trading strategy. Engaging in hedging activities across multiple accounts is not allowed.

Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage through platform or data freezing resulting from demo server errors is strictly forbidden. Such actions undermine fair competition and will result in investigation and potential sanctions.

Customers are prohibited from granting access to their evaluation and funded accounts to third parties or engaging in trading activities on behalf of others. This includes cooperation with third-party individuals or entities for account management or trading purposes.

Additionally, customers must adhere to standard risk management practices when trading financial markets, including maintaining appropriate position sizes relative to their account equity.

The FX2 Risk Management Department retains the discretion to identify and address forbidden trading practices, which may result in account termination or stricter risk management guidelines.

Registry #2694 LLC 2022
The Financial Services Centre
Stoney Ground, Kingstown
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
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