Here’s a list of some of the most commonly asked questions.

The maximum drawdown starts at negative 6% of your starting balance.

If your negative equity reaches 6% of your starting balance, our system will automatically detect the violation and your account will be terminated immediately.

Once you achieve a 6% return, it stops trailing and the drawdown is locked at your starting balance. 

Example: When starting with a $100,000 funded account, your account would violate the maximum drawdown rule when your equity breaches $94,000. If you profit $2,000 with a closed balance, then your new maximum drawdown would be $2,000 higher than previously ($96,000). 

If you continue growing the account to $106,000, the new maximum drawdown would be permanently locked at the starting balance of $100,000. This would allow you to compound the account freely without exceeding the maximum drawdown. 

For example, if you achieve a new high watermark of 40% (a closing balance of $140,000), you would (so long as you don’t lose more than 4% of your account in one day) only violate the maximum drawdown if your account lost more than $40,000 and is under $100,000.

The daily max loss is the maximum your account is allowed to lose in one day. The daily max loss is 4% of your previous day’s closing balance (as of 17:00 EST). 

If a trader’s negative equity reaches 4% of their previous day’s balance, our system will automatically detect the violation and their account will be terminated immediately. 

Note: The daily max loss is not based on the previous day’s equity. It is based on the balance in your account. 

Example: If your previous day’s closing balance was $100,000, your account would be terminated if your equity reached $96,000. If your account had floating equity of $10,000 at the previous day’s closing, it would still be terminated if your equity reached $96,000.

Yes, once you pass the evaluation and make your first payout request, FX2 will reimburse your evaluation fee by adding the sum to your payout.

Yes. If you have achieved a profit of 10%, you must request a payout for your percentage of the profit and we will match it with a 10% increase in your capital.

If your account continues to gain profit and your balance closes with another 10% profit, you will request another payout and we will match it again with another 10%. Scaling isn't automatic. You must request to scale-up by contacting our support team. Please note, scaling is capped at $1,000,000. 

IMPORTANT: When you request a payout, your maximum drawdown resets to your original capital balance. When you scale up, the new drawdown will be reset to the original starting balance plus the amount scaled. We recommend you do not request a payout until you have achieved at least a 5% profit,  so that you still have 5% to drawdown before breaching.

Example: You have a $100,000 funded account and make $10,000 (10%) of profit. You request your first payout. Say you request a payout of $4,000. We pay you your share of the $4,000 and we increase your capital by 10%, so your current balance stands at $116,000 (your maximum drawdown is now $110,000). 

You then make another 10% profit ($10,000). You request a payout, we pay you your share of the $10,000 and increase your capital with another $10,000, so your current account stands at $126,000. (At this point, your maximum drawdown is still at $120,000 and you've already pocketed your percentage of $14,000).

FX2 welcomes traders from around the world with the exception of residents or citizens from the following countries:

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Afghanistan
  • Central African Republic
  • Congo (Brazzaville)
  • Congo (Kinshasa)
  • Cuba
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Korea, North
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Russian Federation
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen

Please note that the list is subject to change, and it is essential to verify eligibility based on the latest updates from FX2.

There are only 3 ways to lose your account. 

1. Daily Drawdown

Accounts must not incur a 4% drawdown on a single day.

2. Maximum Drawdown

Accounts must not incur a 6% drawdown on total account size. This 6% drawdown trails your account until you achieve a 6% return on your account. Once you achieve a 6% return, it stops trailing and the drawdown is locked at your starting balance

3. Inactivity

Accounts must not remain inactive for 30 days or more.

Note – if a trader notifies FX2 Funding that they cannot make a trade for 30 days due to extreme circumstances, we will allow the account to remain open. Such exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis, and will generally only be allowed once.

FX2 traders receive a simulated account for trading. It's crucial to understand that this account does not involve real funds, and trades are executed in a simulated environment using market quotes from liquidity providers. FX2 traders may never engage in actual transactions on live markets through their FX2 Accounts.

FX2 simultaneously operates its own independent trading activities utilizing real financial resources. During this process, FX2 may incorporate trading data obtained from FX2 Traders' demo accounts, which is strictly for analytical purposes. 

It goes without saying. that while FX2 traders do not have access to real funds or live accounts, they are OF COURSE eligible for a genuine financial reward based on the success of their simulated trades on the FX2 account, provided there is compliance with contractual conditions. 

Yes. Our traders may keep their positions open during all news events, but one-sided betting is still forbidden.

It depends which FX2 platform you're using. If you have a DXtrade account, it doesn't currently integrate with expert advisors. If you are trading with cTrader, then you may use expert advisors, as long as they aren't high-frequency-trading, arbitrage or other malicious, cheating EAs.

At FX2 Funding, we prioritize the integrity of our trading community and the fair operation of financial markets. To uphold these principles, we strictly prohibit certain trading activities aimed at manipulating, abusing, or exploiting the trading system. Traders found engaging in prohibited activities will face account suspension or termination without refund.

  • High-Frequency Trading (HFT):

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) involves the use of advanced computer algorithms and high-speed communication networks to execute a large number of trades within milliseconds. This practice seeks to profit from small price differentials and market inefficiencies.

  • Latency Trading:

Latency trading involves trading based on delayed market data or exploiting execution delays to secure guaranteed profits. At FX2 Funding, we condemn latency trading due to its unethical nature and its violation of fair trading principles.

  • One-Sided Betting:

One-sided betting entails consistently taking positions in a single direction without proper market analysis. This speculative approach disregards fundamental news, economic indicators, or technical signals, increasing the risk of substantial losses.

  • Arbitrage Trading:

Arbitrage trading exploits price disparities or time discrepancies across different markets or platforms to generate risk-free profits. This practice is strictly prohibited at FX2 Funding to maintain fair market conditions.

  • Hedging or Group Hedging Across Various Accounts:

While hedging within the same account is permitted, utilizing multiple accounts for hedging purposes is prohibited as it does not constitute a valid trading strategy. Engaging in hedging activities across multiple accounts is not allowed.

  • Use of Platform or Data Freezing Due to Demo Server Errors:

Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage through platform or data freezing resulting from demo server errors is strictly forbidden. Such actions undermine fair competition and will result in investigation and potential sanctions.

  • Account Sharing and Third-Party Provider:

Customers are prohibited from granting access to their evaluation and funded accounts to third parties or engaging in trading activities on behalf of others. This includes cooperation with third-party individuals or entities for account management or trading purposes.

Additionally, customers must adhere to standard risk management practices when trading financial markets, including maintaining appropriate position sizes relative to their account equity.

The FX2 Risk Management Department retains the discretion to identify and address forbidden trading practices, which may result in account termination or stricter risk management guidelines.

A trader is eligible for their first payout only 7 days after receiving their funded account. All subsequent payouts are available every 14 days. A request can be easily made by clicking the blue withdraw button in the “wallet” tab of his dashboard.

Traders who pass the FX2 evaluation will immediately receive instructions on the KYC verification process. We currently offer payouts via Rise payments.

Once a trader is funded, there is no profit target per se, but it's unadvisable to withdraw profit before reaching 5-6%, because once you request a payout your maximum drawdown will be your initial starting capital balance. 

Example: A $100,000 funded trader who profits $3,000 may request a payout for $2,000. After receiving his payout, his account balance will be $101,000 and his new maximum drawdown will be at $100,000, not leaving him enough room to trade comfortably. It is suggested that this trader make at least $5,000 - $6,000 of profit and then anything above that should be requested as a payout. 

You may run several simultaneous accounts, though the total funding across all accounts may not exceed $200,000. (Exceptions may be available to proven consistent traders). A $200,000 funded account can be scaled up, just like all other funded accounts.

We provide a leverage of 1:100 on Forex Pairs and Indices. Crypto pairs have 1:20 leverage. 

We do not offer the Metaquotes platform.

We use Thinkmarkets to provide the market feed for our simulated accounts.

FX2 is white labeling the DXtrade platform, under the name Gooey Trade. DXtrade boasts easy-to-understand charts, advanced annotation tools, and features carefully crafted to elevate your decision-making process and optimize your trading strategies. DXtrade will soon integrate with Tradingview charts. Right now it is only a web-based platform but in March 2024 we will offer a Gooey Trade app as well. 

Gooey Trade is a white-labeled product of DXtrade. It's the same thing. FX2 will send you credentials that will work in https://trade.gooeytrade.com/ only. They will not work if you go to DXtrade's site. 

It's easy to become an FX2 affiliate. Simply click the "Affiliates" tab on the home page You will need to answer a few questions and click "Join". Once submitted, your application will be reviewed within 24-48 hours and you will receive an email with our reply.

You may request your first payout 7 days after you execute your first trade on your live account. After your first payout, you may request another payout every 14 days. 

The profit split for the first payout is 75/25 with you, the trader, keeping 75% of the withdrawn profits. The profit split for the second payout will be 80/20. Finally, the profit split for the third and all subsequent payouts will be 85/15.

Couldn’t find the answer you needed? 
 Simply reach out to FX2’s dedicated support team and we’ll be in touch to help you out as soon as possible.
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