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Advanced Strategic Edge

FX2 Pro Trading Course

Take your trading to the next level and gain the smart money edge. Expand your repertoire with high-level insights and analysis.

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Why Choose Our Course?

Elevate Your Trading Skills!
Embark on a journey of mastery with a curriculum designed by industry experts. From understanding Forex basics to decoding candlestick patterns, we've got you covered.

All-in-One Course
No need to juggle multiple resources. Our course covers Basic Forex Education, Understanding Candlesticks, Forex Indicators, and Cryptocurrency – giving you a holistic understanding of the trading landscape.

Practical Insights
Learn not just theory but actionable insights. Our course is packed with real-world examples and practical tips to apply your newfound knowledge in live trading scenarios.

Course Content

MT5 | 6 Topics

1 Introduction To MT5
2 Forex Markets Basics And Trading Examples
3 Commodities Markets Basics And Trading Examples
4 Trading Global Indices
5 Market News Trading Technique
6 Trend Trading

Introduction to the stock market | 13 Topics

1 Introduction To The Stock Market
2 Can Stock Charts Predict The Future & Trading Systems?
3 Support And Resistance Levels
4 How To Identify The Market Direction – Part 1
5 How To Identify The Market Direction – Part 2
6 Chart Patterns 1
7 Chart Patterns 2
8 Chart Patterns 3
9 Chart Patterns 4
10 Chart Patterns 5
11 Chart Patterns 6
12 Chart Patterns 7
13 Volumes And Trends

Advanced Stock Market Trading – Level 1 | 12 Topics

1 Market Indicators
2 Trading Methodology
3 Round Numbers
4 Setting Up A Trade
5 Technical Analysis For Professional Traders
6 Practical Technical Analysis
7 Trading Psychology
8 Risk & Position Management
9 Picking Stocks & Analysing Economic Data
10 Intra-Day Trading
11 Trading Arbitrage
12 Trading Preparation & Sectors

Advanced Stock Market Trading – Level 2 | 11 Topics

1 Trading Small Caps
2 Identifying Institutional Tactics And Copying Them
3 Using Hotkeys
4 Advanced Use Of Time & Sale
5 Manage "Watch Lists"
6 The Fixed Quantities Paradox
7 Identifying "Trade Traps"
8 How To Trade Using Failure Patterns
9 The "20-20" Method – How Do Experts Read The Chart?
10 Using NRB And WRB Candles
11 Trading, IPOs, Day Trading, And Swing Trading

Top Trader | 6 Topics

1 Advanced Trading and Technical Analysis
2 Advanced Stock Trading Strategies – The Trailing Stop
3 Pivot Points In Stock Trading
4 Trade According To Game Theory
5 Practice VWAP Strategies
6 Trade Management


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