Master the methods of the professionals. Deepen your grasp of technical analysis. Ideal for intermediate traders.

Pro Charting & Technique

FX2 Pro Trading Course

Master the methods of the professionals. Deepen your grasp of technical analysis. Ideal for intermediate traders.

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Why Choose Our Course?

Elevate Your Trading Skills!
Embark on a journey of mastery with a curriculum designed by industry experts. From understanding Forex basics to decoding candlestick patterns, we've got you covered.

All-in-One Course
No need to juggle multiple resources. Our course covers Basic Forex Education, Understanding Candlesticks, Forex Indicators, and Cryptocurrency – giving you a holistic understanding of the trading landscape.

Practical Insights
Learn not just theory but actionable insights. Our course is packed with real-world examples and practical tips to apply your newfound knowledge in live trading scenarios.

Course Content

Fibonacci | 4 Topics

1 Fibonacci
2 Forex Fibonacci Extensions
3 Learn Forex Fibonacci Fan And Arcs
4 Learn Forex Combining Fibonacci With Other Technical Analysis Tools

Chart Formation Patterns | 13 Topics

1 Forex Double Top And Double Bottom Formation Patterns
2 Learn Forex Head And Shoulders Pattern
3 Forex Inverse Head And Shoulders Pattern
4 Forex Bull Flag Formation Patterns
5 Forex Bear Flag Patterns
6 Forex Bullish And Bearish Pennant Formation
7 Forex Falling Wedge Pattern
8 Forex Ascending And Descending Triangle Formations
9 Forex Symmetrical Triangle Pattern
10 Forex Box Range
11 Forex Cup And Handle Formation Pattern
12 Forex Inverse Cup And Handle Pattern
13 Forex Rising Wedge Pattern

Timing in Forex | 2 Topics

1 Timing Your Entries When Trading Forex
2 Timing Your Exits When Trading Forex

MT4 | 12 Topics

1 Getting Started With MT4
2 Market Watch- Basics
3 Chart Window Basics
4 Terminal Window Basics – Part 1
5 Terminal Window Basics – Part 2
6 Navigator Window Basics
7 Placing Orders
8 Account History – Closed Trades
9 Market Watch Detailed
10 All About Charts
11 Chart Window Properties
12 Indicators And Scripts


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